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Track and Field – Javelin Throwing Tips

The javelin throwing can become more effective and you can increase the distance that your throw goes by 0.5 meters overnight if you go by the following tips:

  • Relax your arms and shoulder: The first tip to throw a javelin is to keep your arms and shoulder muscles loose. This will give an extra speed to your javelin as loose allows more speed.
  • Increase the standstill throwing ability: Before taking the run you must be able to check the distance of your throw at a standstill position. The more you practice for the standstill position, the more will be your distance. The run will further add distance later.
  • Take approach run: The approach run may contain 13 to 17 steps before the javelin is thrown. The best technique is to run on heels with hip kept high. The throwing arm must be flexed to get the right position to throw.
  • Have right body position: The position of the body is very important. Keep your body upright and don’t lean back. The stomach should be in so that abdominal muscles can be used to get power to throw. This position will protect the spine from any injury.
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