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Track and Field – Marathon Running Tips

To run the fastest marathon, one needs a complete balance of body and mind to stimulate the race condition.

  • Plan weekly long runs with planned marathon pace (PMP) workouts. The first phase has to be normal long run pace, the second phase should be PMP and the last phase as warm down pace. This will help you to achieve the best marathon pace.
  • Get familiar with your marathon course. This will help you to plan your strategy and save you from getting lost.
  • Monitor your race. Don’t feel dishearten if some patches of the marathon is not up to your expectation. Don’t lose hope and remain focused. This will undoubtedly improve your performance.
  • The arm swing has to be more when you are running uphill. This will help you to get better pump to your run. Let your arms and legs move together rather than against each other.
  • Save as much as energy possible in the beginning as it can be used in the end to get better speed.
  • Stretch your muscles to bring flexibility to the body. The stretching of calves, hamstrings and feet are extremely important.
  • Keep the body hydrated as water is the key factor to performance. Wear cloths that are comfortable and allows the body to be cool.
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