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Football Drills For Improving Speed and Agility

Football requires speed and agility and the players have to keep themselves agile and fast all the time. Football is one of the most demanding sports so the drills for improving the speed and agility are very important.

  • Vertical leap and standing long jump- The vertical leap is when the player extends his hands above his hand and takes a high jump. The more is his vertical leap the he will be better equipped on the field. These are the tests of explosiveness of the players.
  • The dash: The 40 yard dash is important test for speed. The speed of first 10 yards if is improved then the player’s speed will improve considerably.
  • The shuttles: it is a drill for agility. The less number of steps that the player takes to cover the 20 yards will increase his agility. A proper footwork can reduce the number of steps taken during the shuttle. The 60 yards shuttle is also used for the same drill.
  • Bench press: The number of times one can throw up 225 pounds. The position of the player on the field decides the strength marks ratio.
  • Cone drills: The J-cone and 3 cone drills are used for increasing the quickness and agility of the players. Footwork and number of steps taken are counted for the drill result.

5 Characteristics of a Good Basketball Coach

The characteristics of a good basketball coach are as follows:

  • The good basketball coach emphasizes that winning is not everything and winning is only possible through team spirit. He tries to build better team spirit among the players of the team.
  • A good basketball coach will try to give equal opportunity Personalized Lanyards and play time to every player of the team. In case some player gets less playing time, the coach must be able to explain properly about the cause of it.
  • The coach must have teaching skills which can help the players to learn better. The coach must also be able to motivate the players by encouraging them. He should also know the weaknesses and strength of each player and should capitalize on it.
  • The coach must integrate the life lessons into the sports lesson. He should also make the coaching fun and without stress. There should be no physical or psychological abuse of the players by the coach.
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5 Crazy Bowling Rules

Crazy bowling is new type of bowling which is very popular among the people who love whacky kind of sports. Take a pair of mitten, a blindfold, a pair of dice and pins.

  • Have someone stand in front and put the bowling pins between his spread legs. Blindfold the player and put the mittens on him. Then he can bowl and knock down the pins.
  • Change hands to make bowling crazy. If you are left handed then use right hand to knock the pins and vice versa.
  • Let the player sit on the floor and try to knock the pins by pushing the ball with your feet.
  • Roll the pair of dice, if you get the strike or a spare through the dice that becomes your score for the bowling.
  • Sit on somebody else’s knees and bowl. You can also bowl by standing on one foot.
  • Predict the score before starting the game and if the score is the same then it can be counted as a strike.
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Tasers – Safety Rules and Proper Usage Procedure

Tasers are the electro-shock weapons that can be used for self defense. The safety rules and usage include:

  • The taser has a trigger which when pressed has a metal probe that is released from it and it delivers an electric shock to the receiver. Be sure that you don’t aim the eyes of the opponent.
  • Use the taser from at least 10 feet distance. You need not have a great aim to achieve the target. Just a brush with the attacker’s cloth can send the shock. Remember you won’t get the shock even if you touch the victim.
  • Some states require registration for possessing tasers. Find the rule of the state you are in before buying a taser.
  • As tasers don’t have long time effect so you need to escape at the earliest to get the real benefit of the taser.
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Rugby For Beginners – Basic Rules & Positions

The rugby is a game that looks like a combination of football and handball. There are 15 players in the union matches and 13 players in the league matches. Some of the rules are:

  • Positions: The players are called forwards and backs. The front line players are the forward and there are seven forwards who make up the pack. The second group has 6 players called the backs. The loose forward and Number 9 form the third group. Prop, hooker, lock, flanker,8th Man, scrum half, fly half, weak side wing, inside center, outside center, strong side wing and fullback are the positions on ground.
  • The match runs for 80 minutes games. There is just one break so endurance is important.
  • The ball is oval shaped and no one can pass the ball forward. The player has to run with the ball or kick it to take it forward.

Playing Cricket – How to Improve Your Batting Ability

The batting style is individualistic and cricketers try to evolve their own styles for better performance. Although every match is different from the other and the batting conditions change yet two techniques help to improve the batting ability.

  • The first and the foremost technique is to build a solid defense. The batman should be like a wall when he is defending a good ball. A defensive stroke is the ultimate mean Personalized Lanyards of survival. Solid defense is not only required for test cricket but it is also important for the one day matches.
  • Another important technique is to keep constant eye on the ball. If the batsman remove his eyes from the ball, then he is liable to play bad stroke. Pay attention to the ball from the time it is in the bowler’s hand till it touches the bat.