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5 Crazy Bowling Rules

Crazy bowling is new type of bowling which is very popular among the people who love whacky kind of sports. Take a pair of mitten, a blindfold, a pair of dice and pins.

  • Have someone stand in front and put the bowling pins between his spread legs. Blindfold the player and put the mittens on him. Then he can bowl and knock down the pins.
  • Change hands to make bowling crazy. If you are left handed then use right hand to knock the pins and vice versa.
  • Let the player sit on the floor and try to knock the pins by pushing the ball with your feet.
  • Roll the pair of dice, if you get the strike or a spare through the dice that becomes your score for the bowling.
  • Sit on somebody else’s knees and bowl. You can also bowl by standing on one foot.
  • Predict the score before starting the game and if the score is the same then it can be counted as a strike.
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