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Football Drills For Improving Speed and Agility

Football requires speed and agility and the players have to keep themselves agile and fast all the time. Football is one of the most demanding sports so the drills for improving the speed and agility are very important.

  • Vertical leap and standing long jump- The vertical leap is when the player extends his hands above his hand and takes a high jump. The more is his vertical leap the he will be better equipped on the field. These are the tests of explosiveness of the players.
  • The dash: The 40 yard dash is important test for speed. The speed of first 10 yards if is improved then the player’s speed will improve considerably.
  • The shuttles: it is a drill for agility. The less number of steps that the player takes to cover the 20 yards will increase his agility. A proper footwork can reduce the number of steps taken during the shuttle. The 60 yards shuttle is also used for the same drill.
  • Bench press: The number of times one can throw up 225 pounds. The position of the player on the field decides the strength marks ratio.
  • Cone drills: The J-cone and 3 cone drills are used for increasing the quickness and agility of the players. Footwork and number of steps taken are counted for the drill result.
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