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Rugby For Beginners – Basic Rules & Positions

The rugby is a game that looks like a combination of football and handball. There are 15 players in the union matches and 13 players in the league matches. Some of the rules are:

  • Positions: The players are called forwards and backs. The front line players are the forward and there are seven forwards who make up the pack. The second group has 6 players called the backs. The loose forward and Number 9 form the third group. Prop, hooker, lock, flanker,8th Man, scrum half, fly half, weak side wing, inside center, outside center, strong side wing and fullback are the positions on ground.
  • The match runs for 80 minutes games. There is just one break so endurance is important.
  • The ball is oval shaped and no one can pass the ball forward. The player has to run with the ball or kick it to take it forward.
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