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Swimming – How to Swim the Breaststroke

The breaststroke is one of the difficult styles of swimming and it requires technique and practice to master it. It is done by strong pulls, froglike kicking and a long glide.

  • Keep the legs together near the chest. Hold the palms together as if praying.
  • Kick out with your leg and then squeeze them together. After kicking streamline your body and extend the arms completely.
  • Glide for some time and then turn the palm outward and do a circular motion. The palms should come back Personalized Lanyards near the chest in its original position.
  • Pull the head out of the water to breathe. When the head goes down into the water the hands should be stretched out for the next kick.
  • Glide and repeat the complete action again.

Basketball – Jump Shot Drills

Jump shot in basketball may seem very easy but in fact it is one of the most difficult shot. It requires time, effort and patience to learn the jump shot and even more than those, technique is extremely important to master the jump shot.

  • One of the techniques for taking a perfect jump shot is to bend the knees and take an actual jump while shooting. The taller players need to take care to bend instead of taking the hop shot. Hop shot makes it hard for the player to shoot successfully.
  • The jump shot also require a release of the shot properly. The arc of the shot and bending of the wrist are other important facets of proper jump shot.
  • You can use the backboard according to your position in the field. Backboards are very effective for jump shots and the good players take them as their best friend but the fear of air balls keeps some players away from backboard.

Swimming Tips to Increase Your Speed

There are some tips that can always improve your speed while swimming.

  • Swimming frequently will increase your speed inevitably. You should swim at least thrice in a week. Smaller workouts frequently are better than longer workout once in a week.
  • Improve your technique of swimming. The correct technique can improve speed to a great extent.
  • Incorporate swimming drills in your daily training schedule to improve your stamina and speed.
  • Try and increase your endurance. Challenge yourself and increase the intensity of workout but never over tire your self.
  • The entire workout need not be of same high intensity. Some times just swim to enjoy. Never get fatigued as it will reduce your speed.
  • Maintain a streamlined workout schedule. Don’t change the schedule and do the things in the same way. This will make them automatic for you and this will increase your speed without doing much.
  • The swimming gear should be according to the competitive swimming. Also watch the video of your swimming and improve upon the parts that you feel need improvement.
  • Eat a balanced meal and cross train yourself. Use flippers to improve the body position and your swimming speed.
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Tennis – How Scoring Works in Tennis

The scoring in tennis is very easy to keep.

  • The match is divided into sets which may be of three or five sets. The player winning two out of three or four out of five sets is the winner. The set has six games.
  • One player serves for the whole game. The server’s score has to be announced first. The point can be earned by either of the two players unlike in the badminton where only the serving player gets the point.
  • You have to keep an eye on the player who scores the first point. The player loses points if he misses the ball, hit it into the net or hit it out of the boundary. The serving player can lose the point if he fails to drive the ball to the opponent’s court even after two services.
  • The game starts with love all score which is zero for both the player. If the serving player makes a point , the score becomes 15-love but if the opponent makes the first point then it is love-15.
  • The second score is 30 and the third is 40. The player will win only if he is two points ahead.
  • If both the players have 40 score, then the first player making a point will be said to be in 40 -advantage and if he makes the next point then he wins game. In contrast if the other player makes a point, the score becomes 40-all again.
  • The player who makes the point first wins the game. The player who wins more games in a set wins the set and same is for the match.

How Fantasy Football is Played

Fantasy football is a fantasy sports that is played where the participants known as owners are arranged in a league that competes with other leagues. They earn fantasy points according to the statistics of the real players. The owners draft real players from the American football and assign them positions according to their real positions on the field. The performance of the real players on field let the fantasy football owners to get them pre-determine scores accordingly. The total score at the end of the season determine the winner.

The some of the competitive format includes Head to head, weekly games against their opponents and total points where the total points of the season. The leagues may consist of from four to twenty teams. The three important leagues are Redraft league, Dynasty league and Keeper league. The owners can retain as many players from the previous season as they wish and also can recruit new players on their roster. They may also have salary cap leagues.

The draft has three formats-serpentine, standard and auction system. The team has a predetermined number of players on its roster with specific players at particular positions. Every week the team has to designate the players who will play for the team i.e. the ones who will score any point.

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Rules For Hockey – Are They the Same on a Field Or Ice Rink?

The rules for field and ice hockey are different.

  • The number of players playing ice hockey and field hockey are different. Field hockey has 11 players, 10 players in the outfield and one as the goalkeeper. In ice hockey, there are 5 skaters and1 goal tender making it a team of 6 players.
  • The ice hockey is a full contact game where body checks are allowed which is not so in the field hockey.
  • If there is any foul play by players in field hockey then there are different types of penalty awarded like corner stroke, penalty stroke and even yellow and red cards are also shown to the players. In ice hockey the player is simply sent to the penalty box and his team has to play with less number of players.
  • The equipments used by the players are also different. The field hockey players use a wooden stick Personalized Lanyards curved at the end in J shape. The ice hockey players use pucks which are made of galvanized fiber glass and are frozen before the international matches.
  • The size of the sticks also differs. In field hockey the size of the stick s between 26 inches and 38 inches according to the height of the player. In ice hockey the size of the puck is according to the distance measured from the players’ nose to ground.