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Basketball – Jump Shot Drills

Jump shot in basketball may seem very easy but in fact it is one of the most difficult shot. It requires time, effort and patience to learn the jump shot and even more than those, technique is extremely important to master the jump shot.

  • One of the techniques for taking a perfect jump shot is to bend the knees and take an actual jump while shooting. The taller players need to take care to bend instead of taking the hop shot. Hop shot makes it hard for the player to shoot successfully.
  • The jump shot also require a release of the shot properly. The arc of the shot and bending of the wrist are other important facets of proper jump shot.
  • You can use the backboard according to your position in the field. Backboards are very effective for jump shots and the good players take them as their best friend but the fear of air balls keeps some players away from backboard.
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