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How Fantasy Football is Played

Fantasy football is a fantasy sports that is played where the participants known as owners are arranged in a league that competes with other leagues. They earn fantasy points according to the statistics of the real players. The owners draft real players from the American football and assign them positions according to their real positions on the field. The performance of the real players on field let the fantasy football owners to get them pre-determine scores accordingly. The total score at the end of the season determine the winner.

The some of the competitive format includes Head to head, weekly games against their opponents and total points where the total points of the season. The leagues may consist of from four to twenty teams. The three important leagues are Redraft league, Dynasty league and Keeper league. The owners can retain as many players from the previous season as they wish and also can recruit new players on their roster. They may also have salary cap leagues.

The draft has three formats-serpentine, standard and auction system. The team has a predetermined number of players on its roster with specific players at particular positions. Every week the team has to designate the players who will play for the team i.e. the ones who will score any point.

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