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Rules For Hockey – Are They the Same on a Field Or Ice Rink?

The rules for field and ice hockey are different.

  • The number of players playing ice hockey and field hockey are different. Field hockey has 11 players, 10 players in the outfield and one as the goalkeeper. In ice hockey, there are 5 skaters and1 goal tender making it a team of 6 players.
  • The ice hockey is a full contact game where body checks are allowed which is not so in the field hockey.
  • If there is any foul play by players in field hockey then there are different types of penalty awarded like corner stroke, penalty stroke and even yellow and red cards are also shown to the players. In ice hockey the player is simply sent to the penalty box and his team has to play with less number of players.
  • The equipments used by the players are also different. The field hockey players use a wooden stick Personalized Lanyards curved at the end in J shape. The ice hockey players use pucks which are made of galvanized fiber glass and are frozen before the international matches.
  • The size of the sticks also differs. In field hockey the size of the stick s between 26 inches and 38 inches according to the height of the player. In ice hockey the size of the puck is according to the distance measured from the players’ nose to ground.
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