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Swimming Tips to Increase Your Speed

There are some tips that can always improve your speed while swimming.

  • Swimming frequently will increase your speed inevitably. You should swim at least thrice in a week. Smaller workouts frequently are better than longer workout once in a week.
  • Improve your technique of swimming. The correct technique can improve speed to a great extent.
  • Incorporate swimming drills in your daily training schedule to improve your stamina and speed.
  • Try and increase your endurance. Challenge yourself and increase the intensity of workout but never over tire your self.
  • The entire workout need not be of same high intensity. Some times just swim to enjoy. Never get fatigued as it will reduce your speed.
  • Maintain a streamlined workout schedule. Don’t change the schedule and do the things in the same way. This will make them automatic for you and this will increase your speed without doing much.
  • The swimming gear should be according to the competitive swimming. Also watch the video of your swimming and improve upon the parts that you feel need improvement.
  • Eat a balanced meal and cross train yourself. Use flippers to improve the body position and your swimming speed.
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