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Tennis – How Scoring Works in Tennis

The scoring in tennis is very easy to keep.

  • The match is divided into sets which may be of three or five sets. The player winning two out of three or four out of five sets is the winner. The set has six games.
  • One player serves for the whole game. The server’s score has to be announced first. The point can be earned by either of the two players unlike in the badminton where only the serving player gets the point.
  • You have to keep an eye on the player who scores the first point. The player loses points if he misses the ball, hit it into the net or hit it out of the boundary. The serving player can lose the point if he fails to drive the ball to the opponent’s court even after two services.
  • The game starts with love all score which is zero for both the player. If the serving player makes a point , the score becomes 15-love but if the opponent makes the first point then it is love-15.
  • The second score is 30 and the third is 40. The player will win only if he is two points ahead.
  • If both the players have 40 score, then the first player making a point will be said to be in 40 -advantage and if he makes the next point then he wins game. In contrast if the other player makes a point, the score becomes 40-all again.
  • The player who makes the point first wins the game. The player who wins more games in a set wins the set and same is for the match.
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