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Make your entertainment of sessions, playing all kinds of games. Challenge to them to amaze 5 spheres, not amazing a network. Give them items to amaze the certain parts of court. 5 items for close to the basis, 3 for a line of service, 1 to receive it on a network. If they not that qualified nevertheless and they pass it or amaze it in structure remunerate them and give them items to render good influence on chains. If they are a crude beginner, do not feed spheres in them as they can have difficulty, only coming into contact. Make so that they ran to you and only have lowered a sphere near to them and to make so that they have amazed it. It does it much easier and gives them belief quickly. In the beginning instead of having their game in all court has made so that they played only in distributive boxes. For the small child the tennis court is similar to huge area, and they can be lost in it big area.

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