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Femto Cell Technology

Today I like to talk about a new technology called Femtocells. I hope not many would have heard about this technology before. Femtocell is a technology that allows clients to have better network coverage without the need of building expensive cellular towers. Femtocell is a great advancement in technology for rural areas, when implemented will improve cellular coverage even on places with limited cellular activity. Femtocell makes use of the existing DSL Internet connection to access to cellular networks. Cellular operators can use Femtocell technology to offer quality service to their customers where their network coverage is weak. It could support up to sixteen mobile phones on a single enterprise setting. You can also use Femtocell as payment tool for making mobile payments with your existing 3g handset. For more detailed information about Femtocell I would recommend you to visit a website called You can watch all the benefits and features that you'll get with femtocells right on this website. So, do visit the site today.

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